IOF member countries in Asia
  • China**
  • Hong Kong**
  • Indonesia**
  • India
  • Iran*
  • Japan**
  • Kazakhstan*
  • North Korea
  • South Korea**
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Malaysia**
  • Nepal
  • Singapore**
  • Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)**

(**) are countries with public orienteering activity. (*) are countries who have sent teams to the biennial Asian Orienteering Championships.

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Russia and Turkey are in the Europe and Middle East working group.

Macau has orienteering activities but is not eligible to be an IOF member as it is not a member of the International Olympic Committee. Nevertheless, Macau has sent teams to compete in the open classes of Asian Championships.


Asian Orienteering Championships

The Asian Orienteering Championships is held every two years. It was called the Asia Pacific Orienteering Championships up to the 2006 edition (Hong Kong); Australia and New Zealand later separated from APOC to hold the Oceania Orienteering Championships.

  • 2008 South Korea
  • 2010 Japan
  • 2012 China
  • 2014 Kazakhstan
  • 2016 Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)
  • 2018 Hong Kong
  • 2020 South Korea

Asian Junior and Youth Orienteering Championships

M/W 16, 18 and 20 classes.

  • 2015 Hong Kong
  • 2017 China
  • 2019 Japan

Asian Trail Orienteering Championships

  • 2019 Hong Kong