August orienteering heatwave continues

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The summer heat is not over yet—not the orienteering heatwave either. The World Orienteering Championships are upcoming in Norway. Then comes the Asian Junior and Youth Orienteering Championships in Japan. But there are much more going on in Asia just now:


1. Newer orienteering nations step up in national teams

Nations like Malaysia and Singapore are preparing for the Asian Junior and Youth Orienteering Championships. The championships are enjoying an expansion in participation since its inception in 2015.

Orienteering activities in Southeast Asia are increasing thanks to people who are passionate in developing the sport.

Shamsuri Abd Latif, Chairman of the Malaysian Orienteering Federation. His efforts in orienteering development introduced many university students in Malaysia to the sport.
Shamsuri Abd Latif, Chairman of the Malaysian Orienteering Federation. His efforts in orienteering development introduced many university students in Malaysia to the sport.

Remember our upcoming Tropical Orienteering Week in Malaysia!

2. Sprint events for summer chill

What better way to chill in the summer heat than running a sprint? In fact, by running a sprint, you’ll let your sweat carry the heat away, while not stressing your body too much. What’s more, orienteering trains your brain as well!

Despite the recent troubles Hong Kong is having, orienteering continues to grow strong here with more venues and events:


Don’t forget the upcoming METVIGATOR and training events in Hong Kong, as you head to Foshan, China for the World Cup Finals in October.

3. Prepare for winter, before winter comes…

We’re actually already over halfway through the year, and (northern hemisphere) winter is coming soon. That includes the Asian Trail Orienteering Championships (AsTOC), which will be in Hong Kong in November/December. In fact, the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong is asking for volunteers to help with the AsTOC, and next year’s (2020) World Trail Orienteering Championships as well:

Scandinavians know best: the night is dark and… (sorry for the Game of Thrones quote 😂) but you get the point: winter is high time for an escape to Asia. In fact, besides the usual Hong Kong Annual Orienteering Championships every December, this year you’ve got more options!


Nepal is hosting an 8-day orienteering tour that brings you from Kathmandu to Pokhara and back. The Himalayan Orienteering Championships boast an all-inclusive package, with accommodation, food and outdoor activities included.

But the ultimate surprise is…

Thailand International Orienteering Championship 2019

…Thailand! The Thai Orienteering Association will be hosting 3 days of orienteering fun in Chiang Mai, the ancient but cool city in Thailand’s upland north. Sure you’d mark that down on your calendar and register straight away?


It goes without saying that Christmas and New Year holidays are high season; it pays to plan early and beat the crowd! Search for flights to Asia with KIWI.COM below, it works even in the absence of same-airline, codeshare or interline connections:

China (mainland)

Competition Announcement of “Looking for Beautiful China” 2019 National Tourism City Orienteering Series Yangzhou Station

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Aviation radio model sport management center, general administration of sport of China

Radio and orienteering association of china



Yangzhou Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City Management Committee



Yangzhou Administration of Radio,Television and Tourism


 Yangzhou Classic Sports Culture Development co. LTD


5.Date and location of competition

(1)Date: Aug 24,2019(Saturday)

(2)Location:Yangzhou Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City Marco Polo Flower Ocean

23rd Aug.9:00-18:00Check inWangchaolou Hotel
24th Aug.9:00-10:30Opening ceremony,Points race (open group),Short distance race (elite group)Marco Polo Flower Ocean
11:00Award ceremony of Points race and Short distance raceMarco Polo Flower Ocean
11:30-14:30Lunch break and free visiting in scenic areaMarco Polo Flower Ocean
14:30-16:30100-meter orienteering Marco Polo Flower Ocean Miracle Tapestry
17:00Award ceremony of 100-meter orienteeringMarco Polo Flower Ocean
25th Aug.Whole dayVisiting the six scenic areas of yangzhouYangzhou downtown
  • Events

Points,Sprint, 100-metre orienteering

  • Grouping

Men’s elite group, Women’s elite group, Men’s open group, Women’s open group, Parent-child group, Parallel group

 Number Events Groups Requirement of birth date
1Sprint, 100-metre orienteeringMen’s elite January 1, 1969 – December 31, 2005
2Women’s elite
3Points orienteering,100-metre orienteeringMen’s openJanuary 1, 1969 – December 31, 2005
4Women’s open
5Points orienteering,100-metre orienteeringParent-child(for children) January 1, 2006 – January 1, 2015

8.How to participate:


(1)Qualification for participating:

Athletes in the elite group must have at least one year of training and competition experience

‚To participate in the parent-child group, teams or families should have team names. Each team should consist of 3 persons, including a teenager or child born between January 1, 2006 and January 1, 2015.

ƒ At most 500 athletes( not including those from Yangzhou)

(2)Athletes must have physical and technical ability and adaptability to weather for the competition. Teams and individuals take full responsibility for their own safety.

(3)People with diseases below are not allowed to check in :Hypertension and Cerebrovascular diseases,Heart disease and Myocarditis, diabetes,coronary artery disease,Severe Arrhythmias etc.

(4)Read and print the Declaration of Exemption from Legal Liability and Waiver of Rights (see the attachment for details), sign your name and hand it in at registry.Those who don’t sign names are not allowed to enter the competition.

9.Details and Relevant regulations on competition

(1)Implement Rules of Chinese Hiking Orienteering Competition.

(2)In accordance with International specification for directional movement maps (2017 edition) or International specification for short distance directional movement maps( 2007 edition).

(3)Arbitrators and referees shall be selected by the executor.

(4)This race adopts the Huichang Cross-country Clocking data real-time return system, real-time location tracking and playback comparison system.

(5)Those who appeal against the performance of athletes or decisions of referees have to submit the complaint report with name signed by the team leader to the arbitration committee within one hour after the announcement of results.

rankings and awards

RankingsMen’s elite groupWomen’s elite group Men’s open group Women’s open groupParent-child group
1RMB 1000 RMB 1000RMB 600RMB 600Lucky draw souvenir
2RMB 800RMB 800RMB 500RMB 500
3RMB 500RMB 500RMB 300RMB 300
4RMB 300RMB 300RMB 200RMB 200
5RMB 300RMB 300RMB 200RMB 200
6RMB 300RMB 300RMB 200RMB 200
7RMB 300RMB 300RMB 200RMB 200
8RMB 300RMB 300RMB 200RMB 200

*If the number of competitors(teams) is 7-10, the top 6 will be admitted; If the number of competitors(teams) is 5-6, the top 3 will be admitted; If the number of competitors(teams) is 3-4, the top 2 will be admitted; If the number of competitors(teams) is smaller than 2, none will be admitted.

  1. Registration and check-in

(1)The official information release channel of follow-up competition information, catering accommodation and tourism promotion information is the official WeChat of Zizai island, Yangzhou Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City, which you are welcomed to follow.

(2)Please register through mini programs on WeChat and fill in your personal information.

(3)Please contact Mr.Ding to get information of registry.

Phone number:15952787698 18952797444


(5)All the athletes should check in from 9:00 to 18:00 on Aug.23 in the lobby of Wangchaolou Hotel (address:Guanchao Road, Guangling District, Yangzhou )which is the official hotel of this competition. Please show your ID and offer other information for registry which after you shall receive the material for entry and sign the declaration of exemption. Each person should pay 100 yuan for finger card for timing and the deposit will be returned with the card after the match.

(6)The participants shall ensure that the personal information provided is true and accurate, and shall be willing to bear all the responsibilities and consequences caused by errors in providing information.

11. Fees, accommodation and transportation

(1)Free of charge for all participants. Please pay your own accommodation and transportation expenses.

(2)Accommodation:Assist of accommodation is offered by organizer to participants from other cities. But you have to book it yourselves.

*We suggest you book the hotel at least one week in advance due to the many Group activities held for Summer Tourist Season in August in Yangzhou.

  • Since the location of the match (Marco Polo flower Ocean) is a 25-minute drive from the downtown, participants can take buses organized by the organizer to reach the competition site. There is no transportation service within 500 meters from the venue to the hotel. No transport service offered from competition site to hotel due to it’s just 500 meters.

*Transport service only offered to those who check in the hotel recommended by the organizer on 24th Aug.

12.Other information

(1)Characteristics of venue:

name of competition siteOverview of terrain and vegetation types
Marco Polo Flower OceanvegetationWhite forest, open land, sparse open space and some shrubs, landscape model flower bed
terrainTypical small southern city park terrains ,small hills in some areas, man-made buildings, artificial features, streams and lakes
For runningExcellent
road conditionCement pavement, flagstone road, gravel road, forest path
Clothing adviceSportswear and non-slip sports shoes. No spiked shoes
Brief introduction to the venue
Cultural backgroundMore than 700 years ago, Marco Polo traveled thousands of miles to the east and traveled through mountains and rivers in China. He inspected dozens of cities, studied local customs, geography and customs in detail, and experienced the prosperity and prosperity of ChinaUpon his return, he dictated a book, The Travels of Marco Polo. What is more interesting is that Mark Polo worked as an official in Yangzhou for three years and gave a detailed description of Yangzhou and its towns in terms of politics, economy and cultureFor hundreds of years, Marco Polo and his book have been widely spread as a model in the history of world communication.Due to this phenomenon, the study of “Marco Polo” is continuously deepening, and the historical effect of Marco Polo is also continuously extending and developing.
Geographic background Marco Polo Flower Ocean, the world’s first flower theme park, a 4A national scenic spot, located on Yangzhou Zizai Island, covering an area of 50 hectares。With Marco Polo’s magic journey to the east as the main line, the panorama presents the three theme areas of “Fantasy Europe — Magic Middle East — Paradisiac East”, offering you an amazing flower adventure.A gorgeous sea of artistic flowers made by the Dutch flower art team, as one of the world’s five major flower miracles, with 10 million plants of rare flowers and different plants.The world’s first fantasy flower mound, 16,000 square meters of 3D flower carpet,flower stream from north to south and a creative flower carving from Oscar Award
Technological backgroundRich terrain in core area with diverse changes , strong similarity and good vegetation condition which is perfect for route design;The area is rich and exquisite in artificial ground features, buildings, terrain and landscape design, with wide vision and perfection for running. However, there are many choices in point setting, so it is a little difficult to find points.
SummaryThe venue of Marco Polo Flower Ocean features in humanity and nature, not only embodying the characteristic of Yangzhou Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City and the characteristics of Yangzhou summer tourist season, but also offering a competition with terrain, vegetation, artificial object in rich high similarity and moderate difficulty and an overall free route choice. The participant running inside will not only show us a flow of visual feast, but also experience a travel of body and spirit by themselves.

(2)During the competition, all participants shall apply for Personal Accident Insurance (the insured amount for adults shall not be less than RMB 200,000 yuan, and the insured amount for minors shall not be less than RMB 100,000 yuan) and Accidental Medical Insurance(the insured amount shall not be less than RMB 20,000)which are handled by the organizing committee uniformly.

After the registration deadline, all participants need to confirm their ID card information by phone after which the organizing committee will handle the insurance uniformly.

(3)Contact person of organizing committee: Mr.ding

Phone number:15952787698 18952797444

13.Participating reward

Students from universities, middle schools and primary schools who take part in this competition can visit six scenic spots of Yangzhou including Slender west lake, Daming temple, Ge garden, He garden, Hanling garden and Yangzhou Eight Eccentric Memorials for free with valid ID.

14.Recommendation of local hotels

Here information of a standard room or a single room in different hotels is provided, choose any of them if you want

Name of hotelPhone numberPriceBreakfast included
Wangchaolou Hotel(official hotel)13801453935RMB 298Yes
Huameida Hotel18912137879RMB 320Yes
Changqing International Hotel13160301999RMB 298Yes
Huafangli Hotel18252729988RMB 298Yes
OYO Hotel18796631313RMB 268Yes
Green Tree Hotel15051997616RMB 150Yes
  • Matters not covered herein shall be notified afterwards.

Radio and Orienteering Association of China

Aug.6, 2019

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Japan and Hong Kong the only East Asian teams in JWOC 2019

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The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) 2019 in Denmark finished yesterday (Friday 12 July) with the forest relay.

Japan and Hong Kong continue to be the only East Asian teams at JWOC. Both improved by one place in team ranking, concluding with 28th and 34th places respectively. Overall, the two teams performed as great as last year.

A highlight of this year’s JWOC, however, is Egypt’s debut. Egypt has joined the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) since around 2015. Will more countries follow the lead and join WOC and JWOC? Budget might be a problem for Asian teams to compete in Europe, where most major orienteering events take place. Maybe orienteering needs to be more visible in Asia to attract runners, sponsors and resources?